Electric is the future. Work with us now.

Fleet innovation is here.
Discover VGMobility.

VGMobility is a VIP subsidiary established and managed by Vitol, an expert in global energy logistics. Partnering with Vitol’s worldwide presence, we are uniquely placed to help your business achieve its low-carbon goals and meet the requirements of cities to move into electromobility.

Our services include:

  • Power procurement
  • Designing depot and charging infrastructure
  • Battery management and energy consultancy
  • Delivering leased electric vehicles
  • Bespoke financing arrangements
  • Sourcing suitable sites for infrastructure build

We know that change is happening, fast.

New services are transforming fleet management all the time. We can help you navigate these evolving technologies and get your electric fleet in motion.

Choosing a single provider to manage your project means we can ensure the delivery of a high-quality product. Throughout the process your fleet transition will benefit from tailored project support delivered by our experienced team.

Our business is growing.

We are already working in partnership with local operators in Colombia and are expanding into Mexico, Chile and Brazil with plans to build out a portfolio across the rest of Latin America. In Bogota, we are working with local operators to provide a complete e-mobility solution. We already own a fleet of 120 buses operating presently in the city.

We have also partnered with Transmileno, Bogota’s public transport authority, to supply 195 electric 10 metre buses. The buses will begin operating in April 2022, and will include the construction of a 33.000 m2 depot with all the charging infrastructure. The electrification of transport fleets is at the forefront of the energy transition and it’s happening now. Partner with us to get ahead and prepare your fleets for a low-carbon future.